Dedicated to the memory of Billy

On April 30, 2002, my beloved cat Billy died. Billy had been my steadfast companion for fifteen years through good times and bad times, joy and heartache. A part of me has died along with my precious Billy and an empty place will always be in my heart. Billy, if you can hear me, please know that I still love you and I always will.


Dedicated to the memory of Andy

In the year 2000, my lovable cat Andy died. Andy was a playful, affectionate friend who meant the world to me. I will always remember Andy and how he brightened up my life. Goodbye, Andy, your family will always love and miss you.


Dedicated to the memory of Moose

There are no words to describe the pain I experienced when I lost my precious cat Moose in 2012. For 10 years he was a part of my life. He was an extremely affectionate and loving animal and nothing will ever be the same without him. Moose has died, but my love for him never will.


Dedicated to the memory of Johnny

I lost my Johnny in 2014. A gentle soul who was loved and had nothing but love to give. Johnny was my baby who I loved and nurtured as long as I possibly could. I will always miss his gentle affection and purring. When he got sick, I cared for him every day. I will always love and miss him.


Toys For A Cause


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