Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention*

"Call me a sadist, but I got such pleasure out of doing it." --

(These were the words of a nanny, describing how she felt as she washed a 3 year old child's mouth out with soap).

Child abuse is a serious problem in the nation and the world. It takes on many different forms , but is always a tragedy. In honor of April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are highliting the links from Toys For A Cause and other pages on this site, that educate, inform, and offer courses of action to take against the horrors of child mistreatment.

Just click the links below:

Learn about child abuse and what you can do to help. Check out The International Society For The Prevention of Child Abuse.

International Society for the Prevention Of Child Abuse (ISPCAN)

And find out how you can protect your children when they're in the care of a nanny or a babysitter by clicking this link below.

Child Care Safety

To find out how you can protect your child at school, just click the links underneath.


Find out the facts and saftey plans for all forms of abuse in the home.

Domestic Abuse

Learn crucial information about the dangers of physical discipline with this link.

The Medical Dangers of Physical Punishment

A Poem.

Teddy Bear

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