The Anniversary Present

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---"Well, what are we gonna do, Sis? Mom and Dad's anniversary is in three days. We've found the perfect gift for them, a huge digital TV set for their room like we have in ours, but we don't have nearly enough money for it."

---"I don't know, Kenny. What do grown-ups do when they need more money?"

---"They work! But, we're too young!"


"Hey, Sis! I know ANOTHER way grown-ups make money! They sell old toys to collectors! All we need to do is find some vintage toys at a garage sale or two and sell them online! We'll have enough money for Mom and Dad's TV in no time!"

"Y'know, Kenny, that's so crazy, it just might work! Tomorrow's Saturday! We'll get up early and check out some garage sales!"

The Next Evening...

---"We hit the jackpot this morning, Sis! Five vintage Fisher Price Little People!"

---"But, Kenny, these sure look different from the Fisher Price Little People sold today. They don't even have any arms or legs. Are you sure they'll sell?"

"Of COURSE they'll sell, Sis! This is the classic Little Person style! Collectors pay big bucks for these!"

"They ARE pretty cute. I almost feel like keeping them for ourselves!"

---"Forget it, Sis. These Little People are our tickets to getting our parents the perfect anniversary gift!"

---"You are right, Kenny. Let's go online and put them up for sale! I just hope we can sell them in time!"

The Next Day...

"YIPIEEEEE! Someone online bought these Fisher Price Little People right away for a great price! They sent the payment electronically to our bank accounts! Now we can buy that TV in time for Mom and Dad's anniversary tomorrow!"

---"Should we pack them up now, Kenny?"

---"Nah, Sis. Let's go buy the TV now and have it ready for tomorrow morning. We can't mail the toys off until Monday anyway."


"We'll leave the TV out here for Mom and Dad to find in the morning."

The Next Morning...

---"What a WONDERFUL anniversary gift!"

---"We must have the most loving and considerate children in the whole world!"

---"Oh, boy! Our parents must have found the TV!"

---"Let's go see!"

"What the...???"

---"Fisher Price Little People! The kind we had when we were children!"

---"Without a doubt, this is the greatest anniversary gift anyone could ever give us!!!"




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