Smiling Kenny and Frowning Butch

KENNY: "Hey, Butch! Why are you always frowning? You should learn to smile like I do!"

BUTCH: "Leave me alone, Kenny, I ain't in the mood!"

KENNY: "Aw, c'mon, Butch! Don't walk away! I'm tryin' to help you! The reason you're frowning all the time is because you don't enjoy life! You gotta learn to do something FUN once in a while!"

BUTCH: " may have something there!"

BUTCH: "You know, Kenny, you were right! I just did something fun and I can't stop smiling! I've learned how to enjoy life."

KENNY: "And I've learned how to mind my own business!(BLUB!) (BLUB!) (BLUB!) (BLUB!) (GLUB!)"




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