Mr. Potato Head's roots

Mr. Potato Head started out as a real potato in the 1950's. Since playing with our food is a very bad habit, he soon underwent plastic surgery and transformed into the synthetic spud that we know and love today.

Like the Fisher Price Little People, there are three generational styles of Mr. Potato Head. The original version is on the left in the pic below. It had very small body parts on a real or plastic potato. Perhaps due to early concerns over toy safety, Hasbro enlarged Potato Head's size in 1972 to the style shown in the middle. Around the mid-eighties, this spud had his final makeover to the style on the right, sometimes sold in slightly different styles and sizes. But, no matter what his appearance, Mr. Potato Head always manages to win the hearts of millions.

The potatoes are burning!

When the current Mr. Potato Head first came out in the early eighties, he had a pipe just like his predecessors. However, Hasbro eventually did away with the pipe due to pressure from anti-smoking groups. Here we see the smokin' spud taking one last puff before quitting.




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