One day in the park,
the girls and the boys,
could hear a most pitiful cry,

And who do you think
was making that noise?
A monkey who wanted to fly!

"I try to make wings,
from all sorts of things,
I flap them and aim for the sky,"

"I make the right sound,
and zoom off the ground,
but I crash for I can't seem to fly!"

"Well Tony you see,
was partners with me,
a fine hurdy gurdy he'd play,"

"And I would hold up,
my little tin cup,
we made a fine living that way."

"Then Tony said he,
could do without me,
although I shall never know why."

"So here on the limb,
I cry about him,
for what monkey business have I?"

"We'll come every day,
we'll sing and we'll play,
and help you pretend it's old times."

"You'll hold your tin cup,
and we'll fill it up
with pennies and nickels and dimes."

"And then one thing more,
we'll go to the store,
a toy hurdy-gurdy to buy."

"And you'll be our pet.
We're glad that we met
a monkey who wanted to fly!"

Lyrics by Marion Savage Rosette



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