Little People, places, and things.

No toy has caused as much controversey among Fisher Price collectors as the Happy Hopper. Some of the more civic minded collectors believe that we should free the three Little People who are imprisoned in the Happy Hopper. Other collectors insist that the Happy Hopper is a classic toy and should not be tampered with. Personally, I believe that there are actually humanitarian reasons not to release the Little People from the Happy Hopper. Here are three good reasons why the Happy Hopper should remain shut: 1) These Little People might have done something really bad to be imprisoned in the Happy Hopper for all these years. To release them may be putting the rest of the Little Person community at risk. 2) After spending so many years in this sheltered environment, these Little People's bodies may have adapted and exposure to outside air could prove harmful. 3) Finally, the name of the toy is "Happy Hopper", not "Unhappy Hopper". Take a good look at all of these Little People's faces! They're all smiling! They look like they're happy to be there. Who am I to impose my own cultural ideas of freedom and happiness on to them? Thus, I encourage all Fisher Price collectors to keep this classic Happy Hopper closed and preserved with a clear conscience!

In the good ol' summertime.

Of all the Little People sets that were ever made, the Musical Ferris Wheel #969 is my all time favorite! It's a great combination toy of Little People and music box, it plays a lovely instrumental rendition of "In The Good Ol' Summertime", and it was one of my very first toys as a child. More than one version was made. Early models were made for vintage Little People with straight body types. Later versions were created for the vintage Little People with the more traditional figure shaped bodies. One thing that was constant in any version was the frowning little boy, cranking the Ferris Wheel with his usual mean scowl. You can't really blame him for frowning. He has to do all that work while everyone else is having fun. Still, you'd think he might be a little happy over being the only one with arms!

All wet.

And speaking of the "good ol' summertime", in the picture below we see a bunch of Little People enjoying a nice summer's day at the pool as well as another one beating the heat with a nice cool bath. You know, the Little People must be the most modest folks in the world. They swim and bathe with all of their clothes on!