Little People are individuals.

A very popular Little Person is not a person at all, but a dog. Lucky the dog (as he is known in most circles) is the famous black and white pup of numerous Fisher Price sets. A little less common, however, is the bell-shaped variation of Lucky shown below that went with the Play Family Pull-Along-Shoe #146. This Lucky dog is a mixed breed. His father was 100% dog, but his mother was a Hershey's Kiss, hence his shape. We all love you Lucky! In every way, shape, and form!

See the Little Person below? No matter what you may hear about this figure being "Mr. Hooper" (or even "Mrs. Hooper"), it's just not true. This character is a generic storekeeper from Little People Mainstreet #2500. What's the difference between this Little Person and Mr. Hooper? Well, for one thing, hair. This one has a whole plastic mound, while Mr. Hooper only has a few painted on strands. The real question is whether this Mianstreet Storekeeper below is a male or female. Always looked like a male to me, but many people believe it's a female. You be the judge.

Now, below we see a picture of my main man, Green Dad! He's always been my favorite Little Person! Great family man who always has a patient smile. I've often seen him as the definitive Little Person. The everyman. Growing up, I had always wanted to be just like him. Of course, I never quite made it. I've got too much hair and too many arms and legs.

And last, but certainly not least, is the famous, the one and only, Blue Mom! Blue Mom is a very popular Little Person that has gone with numerous Fisher Price sets. For years, she's been everyone's idea of the perfect mother! And today, we can still look at her and feel the tender motherly love in her smile!




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