With all the attention given to the interesting categories and great art in the Little People books, it's sometimes easy to forget that none of it would have been possible were it not for the creative minds that wrote the delightful stories. Below are reviews of selected Little People stories.

We usually think of a coloring book as something fun for children to do, however many coloring books also tell a nice story in the process. "Moving Day Adventure" by Sonia Black Woods is no exception. It is indeed a moving tale in more ways than one. The story illustrates a great example of community and how it should be with friendly movers, policemen, and neighbors. It tells about how the Little People family move from one home to another, but lose their beloved dog Lucky along the way. A kind policeman helps Timmy and Penny look for him and even buys them ice cream. Would I be spoiling the plot if told you that Lucky is found at the end and they all live happily ever after?

"Listen And Look" by Rita Golden Gelman is an entertaining and invaluable book that teaches children everything about safety. From chewing your food carefully to getting away from strangers who try to give you a ride, this creative book conveys valuable life lessons through rhymes, colorful pictures, and animal analogies. Every home with children should have a copy.

"The Big Kitchen Mess" by Laurie Wenk is about a birthday party that Timmy and Penny plan for Lucky. Mother goes shopping for party items, but when she takes too long and the kids decide to make their own food, the kitchen goes to the dogs. One of the more humorous Little People stories.

Lucky's birthday seemed to be a recurring theme in the Little People story books. "Meet Lucky" by Stephanie Calmenson also deals with a birthday party that Timmy and Penny throw for Lucky.

Everyone knows that recognizing the heroic works of firefighters is a major theme of Fisher Price today. Characters such as Billy Blaze and other Rescue Heroes are renowned in this new millennium. However, as early as 1986, Fisher Price was already honoring the bravery of firefighting with books such as "A Visit To The Firehouse" by Stephanie Calmenson. A great story of Timmy and Penny's visit to the firehouse and their first hand view of firemen to the rescue. Excellent.