The Little People work books and coloring books were a very popular theme and several were made. Some told stories and others had educational themes such as math, beginning sounds, and different types of animals. Most of them came with extra stickers and tear-out pictures for added fun.

Then there were the Shape Books based on various characters. At least four were made: Meet Timmy, Meet Penny, Meet Lucky, and Meet Baby. The first three are pictured below.

Many soft back Little People books were created which told stories or had poems. Some were ordinary books to be read, but others had stickers to place on the pages, or an audio cassette to read along with.

Some hard back Little People books were made that taught about life lessons such as safety and manners.

The Look And Play Books took creativity to a whole new level by including a Little Person toy whose theme went with the story book.

Like the Little People Look And Play Books, the Fisher Price Classic Book and Toy packages also included a story book with a matching toy. Technically, these were not "Little People" books since all of the toys were not Little People related and the stories themselves were not about the Little People, but rather reissues of classic Golden Books. However, the set below came with the #2299 Fire Engine which had its own built in Little Person head and between Fisher Price and Golden Books, these sets were classics in every sense of the word.