Little People Of The World.

Like all great entertainers, the Little People had their share of straight men to help them out. Below we see a group of straight men and women from the early days of Fisher Price fame. These early versions of the Little People are unique, not just that they were made of wood, but that their bodies are one straight piece instead of the more common bodies with carved shapes to them. Early accessories were made to fit their body types. These "straight sided" folks sometimes have difficulty fitting in with the other Little People, but they have wonderful qualities all of their own. They'll always be straight with you, there's never been a crooked one among them, and they express their opinions straight out. We love 'em!

Since no Little Person was ever known to be a steroid abuser, whenever you see these big guys that are pictured below, you'll know that they are from a special line that started around the mid-eighties, made several times larger than their traditional counterparts. Unlike the post-1990 larger Little People that have a whole new style, these huge folks basically stayed true to the classic form. These giants are often known as "Jumbos" among Fisher Price toy collectors and represent a time when the Little People really made it big!




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