Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair

Lyrics by Irving Berlin

---"Pal, what's with this friend of yours? We bring him out camping on a nice summer night and all he does is sit there looking at the sky!"

---"My friend can't stop thinking about his Jeannie."

---"His Genie? Hyuk! What? Does he have a magic lamp or something?"

----"No, no, no. Jeannie was his wife. They had a beautiful marriage and were madly in love, but one day she took sick."

"The doctors tried everything, but they couldn't save her."

---"It happened all of ten years ago, but he's still in grief to this day."

---"Oh, I'm so sorry, man. I didn't know."

---"Pal, I just heard about what happened. You've got to move on, man. Your wife would have wanted it that way!"

---"Oh, I know. Still, on a night like this, I just can't help dreaming about her a little bit..."

"I dream of Jeannie...with the light brown hair,"

"Born like a vapor... on the summer air."

"I see her tripping... where the bright streams play."

"Happy as the daisies... that dance on her way."

"Many were the wild notes... her merry voice would pour."

"Many were the blithe birds... that warbled them o'er."

"I dream of Jeannie...with the light brown hair,"

"Born like a vapor... on the soft, summer air. "

"I long for Jeannie... with the daydawn smile,"

"Radiant in gladness... Warm with winning guile."

"I hear her joys gone by,"

"Sighing 'round my heart... o'er the fond hopes that die."

"Sighing like the night wind... and sobbing like the rain,"

"Wailing for the lost one... that comes not again."

"I long for Jeannie... with my heart boys low,"

"Never more to find her... where the bright waters flow."

"I sigh for Jeannie... but her light form strayed,"

"Far from the fond hearts... 'round her native glade."

"Her smiles have vanished... and her sweet songs flown."

"Flitting like the dreams... that have cheered us and gone."

"Now the nodding wild flow'rs... may wither on the shore."

"While her gentle fingers... will cull them no more"

"Oh! I sigh for Jeannie... with the light brown hair."

"Floating, like a vapor... on the soft summer air."




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