Introducing the Little People

Just like the Potato Heads, the Fisher Price Little People have three basic generational styles. The original version of Little People is the small armless model on the left, made in both plastic and wood with slight shape variations. Fisher Price established these original Little People in the late fifties. Great minds got together to create a toy phenomenon that would delight children and adults throughout the generations. Despite this original style's popularity among children and collectors, in 1990 they were deemed to be a choking hazard and were replaced with the larger armless size in the middle. They are referred to as "Chunkies" by many Fisher Price collectors. This new style did not stay around very long however. In 1997, they were replaced with the current full figured version of Little People on the right.

I'll never understand this new generation.

As you can see from the previous pictures, intergenerational understanding among the Little People is a bit fuzzy, however the bottom picture proves that race and social class relations among them is much clearer and more focused. Below we see Little People of different ethnic groups and social classes (everything from blue collar workers to royalty) living side by side with one another. They could probably even live hand in hand if they only had some.



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