Of Hearts And Souls

Hearts are always broken,
To mend them is the goal.
I wish that was what mattered,
But, doll, you broke my soul.

Songs and books are everywhere,
About these broken hearts.
Advice on how to cry and care,
For all the tattered parts.

Yet, for all the ways to fix a heart,
And patch up every hole,
There's not a lot of quick advice,
On how to mend a soul.

It started when I trusted,
And believed your love was true.
I thought you really meant it,
When you told me, "I love you."

And so I gave my love back,
I offered myself whole.
Passions deeper than my heart,
I loved you all my soul.

For truth be known a heart,
Is really rather small.
Its pain can come from trifle,
Or nothing much at all.

But when the pain is so deep,
It seems to take its toll,
It's clear the love that's slipped away,
Has gotten to the soul.

For souls are who we really are,
And it cannot be denied,
That when my tears have fallen,
It's my soul that's really cried.

For a future I had planned for us,
Together we'd grow old,
But, now I know that cannot be,
And so I've lost my soul.

I said you were an angel,
And I still believe that's true.
Your gorgeous smile and loveliness,
Made me fall for you.

And while mortal women break men's hearts,
And shatter every goal.
Only angels so divine,
Can touch and break a soul.

So, let it be a lesson,
To every man in love.
Kiss and hug that angel,
Sent from God above.

Give the love out freely,
And let the good times roll.
Let her have the whole heart,
But, never give the soul.

I learned it all the hard way,
And that is clearly why,
I spend my time alone now,
And only mourn and cry.

Beyond all angry words and thoughts,
Grief will take its toll,
'Cause heartbreak I could handle,
But, doll, you broke my soul

By G.B.




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