Mr. Potato Head's 50th Birthday!

In honor of Mr. Potato Head's 50th birthday, Hasbro realesed a new Mr. Potato Head toy, manufactured in the old style! Despite its vast similarities to the original Mr. Potato Head of the fifties, there are some distinct differences.

For one thing, the pieces are much bigger than the old pieces so that they will not be choking hazards. For this same reason, the new body is all one piece, in contrast to the original toy where the hands and shoes were removable. All things being equal, the Potato Head itself is much larger than its earlier counterpart. It also looks more like a real potato. Other differences include plastic mustaches and eyeborws connected to his nose and eyes instead of removable felt pieces. His glasses also differ slightly from the original.

But, perhaps the most predictable difference of all is that this Mr. Potato Head does not have the pipe that his predecessor did. The pipe was removed from the newer style several years back due to new anti-smoking sensibilities and will probably never be manufactured again.

So, where will the future of Mr. Potato Head go from here? Could this revised vintage style mark a new chapter in Potato Head history? Will a Mrs. Potato Head be made in this style? Could it possibly mark the rebirth of some long forgotten Potato Head friends like Oscar Orange? Pete The Pepper? Katie Carrot? Cooky Cucumber? Or perhaps even the very rare Potato creatures like Mr. Potato Bug, Mr. Potato Bird, and Mr. Potato Fish? The possibilities for celebrating the old days are endless, but will it happen? Only time will tell.

"If you don't get that pipe out of my face, I'm going to head butt you."



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