Mr. Potato Head has never been a snob who would only associate with his own kind. Aside from the numerous carrots, oranges, cucumbers, and peppers that he's befriended through the years, he's made a lot of non-food friends such as clowns and birds. Here we see him posing with two great pals, Bozo The Clown and Donald Duck.

In the early seventies, Hasbro demonstrated just how versatile a toy Mr. Potato Head could be by introducing these two famous characters in the same zany style. And like the famous spud, their parts could be mixed and matched in all kinds of funny ways.

These two "Potato Head" sets may be the most unusal and least known of them all. As far as I know, Bozo and Donald were the only pre-existing characters to adopt the vintage Potato Head style. I get the feeling that Hasbro may have had some big plans for making a whole line of character toys which, for some reason, never materialized. Of course, today, it makes Bozo and Donald all the more special!

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