More Fisher Price

Below is the Little People Mainstreet set #2500. An interesting thing about this and some other sets is that it pictures a drawing of a cat on the outside lithos. Why is this significant? Because of all the pre-1990 Little People humans and animals that were manufactured, Fisher Price never made a Little Person cat, much to the dismay of many cat lovers. However, pictures of cats were sometimes drawn on the designs. This is strange because cats are hardly one dimensional animals!

Play Family Farm

The Play Family Farm is a classic Little People set. At least two versions were made in the vintage style: #915 and #2501. The actual barn pictured below is the earlier #915 model. However, the Little People and accessories shown with it are from both versions.

Other Fisher Price Toys

Fisher Price also made some cool non-Little People toys. The picture below shows a Roly Poly Chime Ball #165 on each side and three music box radios(Toyland #795, Over The Rainbow #794, and Candy Man #790).




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