In January 2009, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Little People, Fisher Price introduced several exciting commemorative sets based on various classic Little People play sets of yesteryear!

The bases are decorated with the original litho designs!

A thrill to look at next to their original counterparts!

They truly give you a chance to see your favorite vintage sets shiny and new!

Likewise, the commemorative Little People themselves represent the actual vintage Little People! With a few modifications, such as larger sizes for modern safety standards, these Little People (and animals) are reminiscent of their older counterparts!

They even honored the delightful (and very underrated) "Chunky" Fisher Price Little People made in the early 90's!

What exciting news for the New Year! The people at Fisher Price truly understand the nostalgic value of the original Little People! Let's hope they continue to produce more and more commemorative sets of the Little People and their bases in the future! It's sure to be the talk of everyone!!!



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