A slab of Sesame Street

Little People and Sesame Street! What a great combination! Fisher Price seemed to reach its peak when it began patterning Little People after humans and muppets from this show. Below we see the Play Family Sesame Street House #938 along with most of the Sesame gang. Characters such as Big Bird, Snuffy, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Herry prompted Fisher Price to explore new shapes and sizes while still maintaining the overall Little Person style. Curiously, Fisher Price put Ernie's and Bert's apartment on top and Susan's and Gordon's on the bottom. On the TV show, it was always the other way around.

Join the club!

And here is the Sesame Street Clubhouse #937. This set introduced some additional Sesame Street Little People as well as duplicates from set #938. Some pieces to this set seem particularly difficult to find such as the tire swing.

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