Greetings everyone! It is now time for another (actually the only) exciting episode of your favorite spud opera:


So scroll on down and enjoy!

Our story begins with the two lifelong brothers, TopHat and Sombrero Taterhead going for their daily walk

"Nice day to see the sights, eh, brother Sombrero?"

"It sure is, brother, TopHat."

"And, OH, what a sight!!!"

"N-now, Sombrero, my brother, you remember how we agreed to never let a woman come between us, right?"

"I sure do, TopHat, brother man."

"Well, forget it!!!"


"Hey! BLOOD is supposed to be thicker than water! And I'm gonna PROVE it now by drawing some from you!!!"


"She's MINE!!!"


"NO! She's MINE!!!"


"Hey, wait a minute! Why are we fighting? Let's just go and ASK her which one of us she prefers!"

"Fair enough!"

"Let's go ask now and may the best man win!"

"No, the BEST MAN gets to be in my wedding when she chooses ME! Heh! Heh!"

"What the...!!!!"

"Just stick with ME, baby and you'll be goin' places!"

"It's not fair, brother!!! That guy with the arms has taken EVERYTHING from us!!!"

"Face it, brother, his REACH far exceeds ours."

Will the Taterhead brothers EVER have a chance with their sweetheart?

Will they ever make peace with one another again?

Will this story ever REALLY be continued?

Will anyone care?

And what about....

The OTHER Mrs. Potato Head???

The answers to these and many other questions will be found when and IF the next episode of AS THE POTATO BAKES is ever made.




Skits And Stories

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