Hi, folks. As mentioned before, Fisher Price had made numerous animals in their classic pre-1990 style...

Yet, except for the lion and a few background drawings on the Little People bases, NO cats were ever made in this popular style.

But, cat lovers, do not despair! All is not lost! For although no cats were made BEFORE 1990, TODAY, felines are indeed made in Fisher Price's NEW Little People style!

There's even a commemorative Little People cat that was made in the traditional style for the Little People's 50th Anniversary!

And finally there is the Fisher Price cat from the Dream House set which is in perfect proportion to the Little People! That means the Play Family can finally have a nice kitty of their own! Cool, huh?

"THAT is a matter of opinion!!! ROWF! ROWF!"

"Helloooo....We kind of LIKED it when it was feline free!!! ROWWW...!"

"What a CATastrophe!!! RRRRRRR....!!!!"


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