Believe it or not, I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I've done a lot of counseling, but I'd like to start putting Fisher Price into my practice. There seems to be a Fisher Price toy for virtually every human experience. So, let us now explore the upcoming therapeutic pratice of:


For example, if a client is acting hostile, I might say something like, "You're certainly in touch with your 'Frowning Yellow Boy' today."

I might classify people who feel trapped as having the "Happy Hopper Syndrome".

Folks who feel like they're just going around in circles in life might be caught in the "Fisher Price Ferris Wheel Mode".

Snobbish individuals would have the "Little People Royal Family Complex".

People who fall apart too easily would have the "Puzzle Puppy Condition".

And, of course, people who are too domineering in their household would be classified with "King Of The Castle Complex".

Now, they say that a good therapist can always do self-analysis. So, I would definitely analyze myself as having a touch of the "Little People Clown Syndrome".

Any of you have situations that could use my FPsychotherapeutic interpretation?



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